Re-Wild Child

so I am finished with liking the job I have… the last few semesters have really taken a toll. The program has been giving me the toughest students because I am experienced.

I think I have been typecast.

I’m dogging it out through this last semester, and for the spring I will cut back to two days a week. By summer I plan to be finished with this chapter of my life.

Right now I am cocooning. That is what I call it when I shut down outwardly, block out the rest of the world. Especially social media, mainstream media, and any extraneous people that want to take a drag off my filter.

I turn inward and sort through the last few seasons, take stock, change course, do what I have to do to keep enjoying this trip. Then emerge, with a new outlook, a new plan to keep going the way the wind tells me to go.

Emerge update coming soon.

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